Help us revitalize downtown Rochester! Become a founding member of Tip A Canoe Brews as we strive to preserve our history and progress our community.

Help Us Revitalize Downtown Rochester

We are very grateful to have raised $7,620.00 of the $20,000 we are striving for, to improve our community!

Tip A Canoe Brews has been a dream of six locals for over a decade. They have all grown up in the Rochester area and are now raising their children in the place they have always called home. Brewing beer every weekend is a shared passion that has kept these families tightly woven. Their passion for family and community is what has made Tip A Canoe Brews a reality.


As the iconic Baileys’ Hardware building crept dangerously close to its demise, the brew guys couldn’t bear to see their history be forgotten. Every brew guy is experienced in a trade necessary to revitalize the building, and they plan to do much of the renovations themselves. Once they found out they could live their dream while simultaneously preserving the place they hope their kids can be proud to call home, they haven’t looked back.